Monday, January 26, 2009

Black and White

We did our final walkthrough today. Everything looked pretty good. A few minor nicks in the paint to be touched up but nothing major.

Nothing major until you get to the kitchen that is.

Our appliances are all white. I have nothing against white appliances but we ordered black so this is a bit of a problem. (It also reminds me of a bad joke: Why are wedding dresses white? So the dishwasher will match the rest of the appliances! Ha ha...)

We also have no gas line to our stove. Not a problem at the moment since they also installed the wrong stove but it will be!

So, the builder has a week to fix the kitchen. Cross your fingers that it'll get done!

I've also been thinking about decorating. Here's what I have to work with:

Lots of neutrals. Hopefully they're easier to work with than the funky colours I have now!

Tomorrow - the lawyer!

1 comment:

  1. I went very neutral when we built and am glad I did. You can completely transform a room with paint (and then easily change it if you want). Hope all the glitches get fixed soon. It is so exciting to build a house and get to pick everything out!