Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu planning

I've recently started planning my menus and I'm wondering why I didn't do this earlier!

Benefits I've noticed:

1) One grocery trip on Sunday instead of several during the week.
2) Cassidy can help pack her own lunches, she just needs to read what I've posted on the fridge and she can put everything in her lunch bag.
3) It satisfies my obsessive need to organize every little detail of my life.
4) Less stress after a long day at work
5) I can passively aggressively make my husband help in the kitchen by simply typing "Bob makes us something yummy" in one of the dinner blocks
6) I can use all of those fancy cookbooks I have since I'm planning instead of scrambling.
7) I can ensure everyone is getting a heatly, balanced meal.

This week is easy, I'm only cooking twice. :-)

Anyone else out there a menu planner?


  1. I usually do, it makes life easier doesnt it?

  2. Forgot to mention I love your picture of the foothills.