Monday, February 16, 2009

A very busy week

After baking cookies the other day, I still needed a few more. Wednesday after work I decided to go the easy way and use some store bought dough. Apparently "convienient" does not equal "easy". The dough wouldn't roll properly and when I lifted the hearts onto the cookie sheet, the hearts stuck, ripped and cracked. Finally, when I got the cookies in the oven, they expanded!

I think it's safe to say that store bought dough also tastes better raw than cooked. I have no idea why though. Great. Now I have a sudden craving for cookie dough ice cream.

The cookies (another homemade batch) were finally completed on Thursday night. Thank goodness I didn't leave the baking until the night before! They were a real hit by the way!

The other crazy little thing I decided to do was these:

They weren't too bad but the little baggies were very difficult to open. Cassidy gave them to her classmates and to the support staff at her school.

I had help with them though:

He's my Valentine. :-)

Then, just to prove to the entire world that I was crazy, I did this for Cassidy's lunch:

Yes, that's a heart shaped hard boiled egg. I don't know if I want to gag or giggle.

FINALLY, if anyone ever needed definitive proof of my craziness, this is what we did on Valentine's Day:

We adopted Sniper...

...and his brother Nemo.



  1. The treats look yummy and your kitties are so pretty!

  2. Cute V-day stuff (and cute Valentine! lol)

  3. Sniper & Nemo are adorable!!! Enjoy them! :)