Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting there...

We're almost done getting everything out of the old place. One more load should do it and then the cleaners can move in and do their thing.

The new house is wonderful! More room, more lights and a beautiful view! The best thing however, is that Cassidy is back with us full-time. No more weeks at Grandma and Grandpa's and weekends at home. She's with us all the time now! She still stays with Grandma before and after school but the rest of the time she's ours!

On a totally different note, Maureen from Dolphin Designs posted a challenge over at the Pea Board. The challenge is to share an experience of a scrapbook store going out of their way to serve you.

My local scrapbook store is the Scrapbook Pantry. They are a wonderful group of ladies who have always made me feel welcome. (I hear they missed me while I was away stressing about my move. So sweet!) They've allowed me to register for classes over the phone when I can't get to the store, let me change classes when I couldn't attend due to illness and have gone out their way to help me find the perfect embellishments for my layouts.

In fact, they've been so good to me that I decided to be good for them. This morning they were on a local TV show and they asked for customers to come visit - at 6AM!! I of course had to stop by and was able to enjoy seeing them film a live segment for CityTV. Very fun and worth getting out of bed at 5AM for!


  1. I want a lss called "the scrapbook pantry" heck, I want any lss.

    Jen Allyson :D
    the project girl

  2. Cute! I agree, baking totally ties you to the kitchen. Once you have a batch in, it's not like you can start anything, since you only have about 8 minutes of free time.