Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm going to attempt the 999 challenge. Since I'm starting so late in the year though I'm going to cheat a little and count the books that I read earlier this summer.

Basically, if it hasn't made it's way from the living room to the bookcase in the basement, I'm going to count it!

Here are the categories I'm going to try for:

1. Course related books (textbooks and other required reading)
2. Books written by men (I don't read a lot of books by men. I wonder why?)
3. Vampire books (My BFF got me hooked)
4. Books by Kathy Reichs (my new favorite author!)
5. Non-fiction books (non-fiction that doesn't fit into #1)
6. Historical Fiction (my favorite category!)
7. Authors I've never read (the scariest category - venturing into the unknown!)
8. Classics (the older the actual book, the better!)
9. Business/Leadership (I have several that I have never started)

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